Beaver Colony Programme


To achieve the Scouts Canada Mission we create a climate and opportunities that encourages positive social behaviours and where Beavers learn to:

We encourage Beavers to try and take part in activities but not to win or becoming the best.

Our principle is "Everyone can participate, have fun, be safe and learn something that will be useful.

Weeking Meeting

Our weekly programmes include a combination of the following activities:

Outdoor Activities

We understand that by attending weekly meeting alone cannot fully help to achieve the Scouting Mission, thus we normally arrange an average of one outdoor activity per month throughout the year.  These activities include:

Our outdoor activities are usually held on Sundays. Beaver's parents and their siblings are invited to join.

Festive Gatherings

(Beaver Scouts' family members are invited to join.)


(Beaver Scouts' family members are invited to join.)


To ensure the safety of our Beaver Scouts, we will maintain the required Leader to Beaver Scout ratio of

a. 1:5 - weekly meeting

b. 1:3 - camping and outdoor activities

c. 2:1 - when moving from the line of sight of an event. e.g. meeting