About Venturer Scouts

In 1991, a number of veteran scout leaders who had migrated from Hong Kong started the 11th Toronto Group. This was the first Chinese Scout Group in the Greater Toronto Area. The recruits mostly consisted of their own children and those of their fellow Hong Kong leaders in Toronto. The Venturer Company began one year later with a handful of members. The Compant was run on the line similar to what the Advisors and Assistant Advisors were used to in Hong Kong. Considering the backgrounds of the founder members who were mostly new immigrants, it was perhaps the only way to start. Two years later, new leaders felt the need to run the Company close to the Canadian model. The Advisor began to apply the Scouts Canada Venturer Advisor Handbook more closely. On August 30, 1993, a set of Company By-laws was adopted and an Executive Committee was elected to manage the Company which had 27 members at the time. The next day I became a Venturer Advisor -Uncle SK