Camping Equipment List

Summer/Spring/Fall Winter
Neckerchief Neckerchief
Long Pants/Shorts (no jeans) Long Pants (no jeans)
Sweaters/Long Sleeves/T-Shirts Sweaters and Long Sleeves
Pajamas (up to you) Snow Pants
Socks Pajamas (up to you)
Under Garments Socks (preferably wool)
Hiking Boots Under Garments
Rain Gear Winter (Hiking) Boots
Hat/Scarf/Gloves (fall) Hat
Daypack Scarf
Compass Gloves
Mess Kit + Fork & Spoon Daypack
Flashlight+extra batteries Compass
Garbage Bags Mess Kit + Fork & Spoon
Pocket Knife Flashlight
Matches/Flint & Steel + Lint Garbage Bags
Map (if told to) Pocket Knife
Notebook & Pen/Pencil Matches/Flint+Lint
Sleeping Bag (-5 to 6) Map (if told to)
Mattress (inflatable or roll up) Notebook & Pencil/Pen
Emergency Space Blanket Sleeping Bag (-10 to -40)
Water Bottle Mattress (inflatable or roll up)
First Aid Kit Emergency Space Blanket
Personal Hygeine Items Sunglasses
Money (up to you) Waterbottle
Medicine (if necessary) Personal Hygeine Kit
Sunscreen First Aid Kit
Bug Repellent Heat Packs
Watch Money (up to you)
health card Medicine (if necessary)
  health card