Archery Club

The Archery Club was created in 2013 by Eric Fok. Our Pellet Club came shortly after. The Point of these clubs is to train Cubs, Scouts, Venturers, rovers and Leaders to enjoy the sport of shooting but also to help them improve their skill. The club has 3 different levels which are Junior, Senior and Master. Each level allows for the members to grow in the art of shooting and own in on their hidden talents of shooting. As the member progresses with their archery training they are moved up in the weight of their bow. As a result this challenges the individual to excel past their own expectations. The weight is not the heaviness of the bow but the force that is needed to draw the string. Along with such exposures to their hidden skill they will be rewarded with a beret cap badge. Starting with bronze, then with silver and finally with gold. Each level has a test that the scout must take in order to earn the cap badge. This is open to cubs, scouts, venturers, rovers and leaders.



Min Requirement to earn for each level

By Completed those requirements, Following will be earn.


  • Attended Elementary Course

  • Pass 17 / 20 verbal questions test

  • Attend min 15 meetings

  • Score 60 points with 20 arrow at 10m

Scout: Individual Sport
Venturer: one Sport for Physical fitness Award
D.E.A. Skill Section Bronze level


  • Attended Intermediate course

  • Pass 27 / 30 verbal questions test

  • Attend min 15 meetings

  • Score 144 points with 36 arrows at 15m

Scout: Troop Specialty
Venturer: Personal Interest Award
D.E.A. Skill Section Silver level


  • Coaching level

  • Have Personal Archery Equipment

  • Pass Range Safety Officer course

  • Score 350 points with 72 arrows at 18m