Pelllet Gun Club

Pellet Club is similar to archery club but instead of using a bow and arrow they are using the Coleman air rifle that uses a 0.18 lead pellet. This is less challenging than archery due to the fact that pellet guns need less strength to uses even though it is very hard to keep them steady while firing. This improves accuracy and it trains patience for the scout. A good marksman is judged upon their ability to shoot xs. xs are in layman terms bull eyes. The more you are about to get the higher the score. The scouts have to shoot on five different targets that are positioned in the formation of an X. Two on the top, one in the middle and two at the bottom, this allows the scout to practice with the rifle in different positions and different heights of the targets. They receive the same beret badge as the archery members. This is open to cubs, scouts , venturers, rovers and leaders.



Min Requirement to earn for each level

By Completed those requirements, Following will be earn.


  • Attended Elementary Course

  • Pass 17 / 20 verbal questions test

  • Attend min 15 meetings

  • Score 60 points with 20 arrow at 10m

Scout: Individual Sport Venturer: one Sport for Physical fitness Award D.E.A. Skill Section Bronze level


  • Attended Intermediate course

  • Pass 27 / 30 verbal questions test

  • Attend min 15 meetings

  • Score 144 points with 36 arrows at 15m

Scout: Troop Specialty Venturer: Personal Interest Award D.E.A. Skill Section Silver level


  • Coaching level

  • Have Personal Archery Equipment

  • Pass Range Safety Officer course

  • Score 350 points with 72 arrows at 18m