Pioneering Project

Pioneering in Scouting refers to the Art of using ropes & wooden spars joining by lashings & knots to create a structure.   The name comes from 18th & 19th Century military engineers who went ahead of an army to “Pioneer” a route – utilising local forest woods building bridges, towers, etc.
On May 15th, our Rover Scouts, Venturer Scouts & Scouts starting off their “Pioneering Projects”.  With 12 hours of sweating & hard work, they built a Camp Gate , a Monkey Bridge , a Hanging Bridge , a Lookout Tower , a Dinning Canopy& a Honorable Guest Canopy for which all our Scouting members enjoy their time on it.



本旅之樂行童軍、深資童軍、童軍於5月15日也作先鋒,經過12小時之汗水和努力成功建構了營門馬騮橋吊橋瞭望塔餐用帳篷嘉賓帳篷 ! 這讓後來的所有旅團成員得享歡樂難忘之體驗。

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