Cancellation of Outdoor Activities

Parents should pay attention to the weather conditions before taking your child to join an outdoor activity, especially when Environment Canada has issued a “Watch”.

For the safety of parents and Scouts, when Environment Canada issues a severe weather warning 48 hours before a scheduled outdoor activities that our Scout Troop organises, that activity will be cancelled automatically. Otherwise, the Troop Scouter will contact you so please check your voice mail and e-mail for notices or decide on your own.

The offers the definition of “Warning”, which means a notice issued by Environment Canada forecast offices indicating that a particular weather hazard is either imminent or has been reported. A warning indicates the need to take action to protect life and property. Warnings are broadcast by the media, on the Weatheradio Canada System and by the Coast Guard. They are issued for snowstorms, blizzards, heavy blowing snow, heavy rains, frost, cold waves, freezing rain, severe thunderstorms and strong winds - according to thresholds established for regional and public needs.