Our Troop was established in August of 1991, started with a couple of youth members. At the beginning, our youths were only wearing activity uniforms. We were among the first groups in Ontario to implement the co-ed system into our Scouting program. Later, we were glad that a number of great Scout leaders from Hong Kong had joined our Troop. With their great leadership together with our solid Scout program, our participants grew from a few to more than 60 members.

In 1995, we introduced a Two-Scout-Troop system in order to accommodate the increased number of members. Each Troop was led by a well performed Scouter-In-Charge. The Scouters guided our youths into becoming well-rounded Scouts. Within a short time, our Troops started participating in many Scout competitions, such as OBA Challenge, Grassybook Camp, and Highpoint Camp to name a few. The experiences were astounding as the Troops achieved incredible results. Furthermore, the Scouts joined many services within their community, such as Santa parcel delivery, Scout trees, popcorn sale, community clean up and apple day. Gradually more and more Chinese Scout groups had been formed within the region, and this negatively influenced the number of participants.

In 2004, we merged the two Scout Troops into one large group of 60 youths. Many new ideas and teaching techniques were created after the two troops were combined. Once again, our program had transformed into a new era. In 2005, our Troop started participating in nationwide activities, especially Dragon Jamborette and Central Canadian Scout Jamboree in which over 25 youth members had participated. In 2007, the Troop went to the Canadian Scout Jamboree to celebrate 100 years of Scouting. Our Scout Troop is looking forward to join the 2013 Canadian Scout Jamboree all the way in Sylvan Lake, Alberta!


Scout (Age 11-14)


Scout Promise :

On my honour I promise that I will do my best To do my duty to God and the King, To help other people at all times, And to carry out the spirit of Scout Law.


Scout Law :

A Scout is helpful and trustworthy,
kind and cheerful,
considerate and clean,
wise in the use of all resources.


Scout Motto :