Beaver Colony Uniform

Wearing of the uniform shows a person's acceptance of the principle and value of the organization. All our Beaver Scouts must put on proper uniform as shown in the diagram below when attending our weekly meeting, ceremonies and outdoor activities.


Uniform for Weekly Meeting and Ceremonies

  1. Hat

  2. White Short Sleeves T-Shirt (with Beaver Logo)

  3. Vest

  4. Name tag

  5. Plain Navy Blue Dress Pants

  6. Neckerchief

  7. Black Dress Shoes (winter season : Beavers need to change from Snow Boots to Black Dress Shoes before entering the meeting area)

  8. White Socks


Item 1 to 3, are available from the Scout Shop (

11th Toronto Beaver Colony will arrange the tail, name tag, crests, and neckerchief.


Tail Color



Placement of Crests

Only the Badges, Crests and Insignia that are shown in the diagram below may be sewn on Beaver Scout's Uniform.


To order the accessories, please download, complete and return the "Insignia and Accessories Order Form" via e-mail to [email protected] or submit by hand at meeting to a leader.

All other crests may be sewn on the Beaver Activity Bag.


Wearing of Neckerchief

The neckerchief is reserved for official members of the Scouting Movement - those who have been invested (See Investiture Cermony). Its colour identifies the Scout Group that a Beaver Scout is a Member of. All Members must wear it properly as shown below, keep it clean, refrain form making any marking on it, and never put it on the floor/ground.





Outdoor Activity Uniform








Beavers are also required to bring their "Activity Bag" when attending weekly meetings

Activity Bag contents

Must have items

Optional items