All registered Wolf Cub members are eligible and authorized to wear the designated Scout uniform during Scouts activities.

This uniform will serve reminding everyone to demonstrate loyalty and commitment to their duties; also helping to identify them being a member of this renowned world-wide youth organization and they must always take pride and feel honoured while wearing it.

11th Toronto Group recommends all Wolf Cub members to purchase the following items from the Toronto Scouts Shop locates at 10 Kodiak Cr., unit# 120 Toronto, Ont. M3J 3G5 .(near Shepard and Allen Road) Telephone: 416 490 6364. Please call for shopping hours beforehand.

The following uniform items may be available from local department stores:

*We recommend bringing the brown colour belt with you while shopping for the dress pants. All Wolf Cub are expected to wear proper FULL uniform while attending meetings. Members with incomplete uniform are subject to disciplinary action and will not be permitted to take part in the Grand Howl ceremony and games of the night.

Shoe inside Meeting Area

Wolf Cub members are required to bring and wear indoor shoes (black leather dress shoes) before entering the gym and the classroom. OUTDOOR SHOES, RAIN-BOOTS or SNOW-BOOTS are absolutely NOT allowed inside the gym and classroom area.

Group Head Gear

To maintain the Group tradition and the Scouting spirit, all Wolf Cub members will be required to wear proper head dress exclusively designed for the 11th Toronto Group.

Personal Gear

Each Wolf Cub member must bring their own stationeries, note book (not loose paper), Cub Book and Song Book to the meeting. We recommend everyone to label or mark their names on all personal items to avoid any mixed-up or "disappearance". Our Pack will not be responsible for any lost of personal items.

Cub Uniform